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TravelAge West

For 40 years, TravelAge West has been the trusted voice of the travel industry in the Western U.S. With our award-winning writing and design, our publication brings the best of travel to life for our readers. The magazine's first-hand, on-site reports and fresh destination coverage is a valued resource for travel agents.

TravelAge West's dynamic content explores the latest destinations, trends, and products. Every print issue includes:

  • In-Depth Cover Story
  • News Analysis With a Regional Point of View
  • Cutting-Edge Destination Coverage
  • News Briefs
  • Insider Tips
  • Industry Interviews
  • FAM Trips, Seminars & Meetings
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At TravelAge West, we realize our travel agent readers need specialized information in order to better serve their unique clientele. The Western traveler's thirst for adventure and new experiences is reflected in consumer travel patterns and trip frequency. Their independence is consistently exercised through destination selection and quests for cultural interactions.

45% expect to take a special vacation this year.
73% prefer two weeks of vacation over two weeks of salary.
69% prefer to go places that are more than just entertainment, but where they can also get a sense of participation.
66% are willing to take children out of school for a vacation.